Grass Harvest

by sarahartonsherkin


Squatting with the sickle in one hand and grabbing the peas and barley close to the ground to cut and place into neat piles on the land, row after row we work together to make provisions to feed the cows for the long winter ahead in the Zanskar Valley of north east India.



The sickle is used as part of the well known symbol of the hammer and sickle, which was the symbol of the former Soviet Union. It is the symbol of Communism or Revolutionary Socialism. The sickle represents the agricultural working class or peasantry in this symbol.



The sickle is a valuable tool that can help us to cultivate the land, which I believe to be of great importance in today’a climate. Likewise, with the hammer that can be our tool for building simple houses from natural materials, hence sustaining the earth’s precious resources and living closer to nature, so that we can be more connected , happy and healthy beings.

I would like to draw attention to these hand tools and search  for ways that promote natural living through various mediums and art processes. New technologies continue to pull us away from the real pleasure of working with our hands, and people and the earth alike can benefit  from this connection.