The Revolution of Everyday Life

by sarahartonsherkin


John Roger’s portrait of mystic Nick Papadimitriou in The London Perambulator inspires a deep sense of place and new ways of looking. The ‘edgelands’ north-west of the city provide Nick with raw material for a poetic. Like an archaeologist, he explores this territory through his body and with this deep localised knowledge talks of one day ‘becoming’ Middlesex.

This film biography was played at Uileann for Slow Art Day last Saturday.


How these walks and intimate relations with flora and fauna can lead to wonderful narratives; and drawings (which may look like scribbles but are full of energy and have an abstraction that gives greater potential for the imagination).


daisy collected

Bellis Perennis



through the trees



a different perspective



caravan walk



house in the dunes



drawing while im walking