Sky Of Possibility

by sarahartonsherkin


Sky Of Possibility2



A recent workshop facilitated by Artist Sarah O’Brien at Uillinn has  introduced me to ‘Painting In The Expanded Field’ by Gustavo Fares, the ideas of which resonate with my art-making and have inspired in me new ways of working and thinking about space.

…”a highly disciplined process that incorporates chance and intuitive elements into its initial codes, a binary system of concept and emotion where one is both the initiator and recipient of the work.” Louise Neri

I enjoy a meditative process of working where I allow intuition to guide me, ideas to develop naturally in a spontaneous way, giving light to meaning and associations.

Like a journey of discovery, an awakening in the soul.


An Architectural Exploration With Words



An installation in space where architectural elements are explored and played with; words are looked at, remembered and rediscovered. We are reminded.

Paths are connected




I saw a river and its tributaries



Everything is inter-relatable


An Exploration In Outer Space

A Dialogue











Sky Of Possibility





Collaborations With Moss