“What We Call Love”

by sarahartonsherkin

Wolfgang Tillmans

Central Nervous System, 2013, Wolfgang Tillmans


High Noon




Mes clichés-témoins Album ’71-’73, Annette Messenger




Reláche, ’67-’68, etching on Japanese vellum, Marcel Ducchamp


Morceux choisis d’aprés Courbet


Yoko and John

A writing on Danish artist Jesper Just whose video performance is exhibited:

“No Man is an Island”



Zachary Drucker & Rhys Ernst


Grace Weir’s “3 different nights, recurring” draws on mediation of memory through photography. Looking through an activity of what is time and what is place, and the romantic of everyday. Journey. Conversations of the history of time. What is real? What seems fixed is actually not fixed, as it is moving through space and time.

She was inspired by William Parsons who built the world’s largest telescope and proved the spiral shape of galaxies. He went out every night and drew the stars.

William Parsons

“Sketched on paper still wet with the dew”