Flying Carpets

by sarahartonsherkin

El Topo

The Ideology of Alejandro Jodorowsky

“My films do not change in meaning for me, because I never give them meaning. They are not political or religious pamphlets, they are art. And art is like God: more unthinkable than anything you can say. My films are like clouds: their meaning keeps changing every minute.”

“We hate change. The re-evolutionary mind of true artists, overcoming this fetid inertia, escapes from the moulds and is delivered to the expansion of consciousness. Clearly spiritual freedom in a world of slaves and eunuchs demonstrates itself by means of artworks, causing scandals. Being essentially a creator, I never set out to shock, always thinking about creating my work and not about the benefits it could produce.”

“My films, despite being nearly half a century old, are seen by an audience of young idealists, world-weary of the enslavement forced upon them since birth. My ideal audience is on the young side, eager to mutate and move to a higher level of consciousness. I want my images to turn the viewer’s brain into what it is: a flying carpet.”