The Poetry Project II

by sarahartonsherkin

This is a very interesting video and set in a location familiar to me. I love how, in one of the shots, the girl plays like a seal on the rock. I also like the floating scene.. Eight Gallery informed me of the thoughts behind this piece: “Kevin Gaffney and Sally-Anne Kelly have been collaborating on films and photography since 2009. Their work for this exhibition, The Moonless Ocean, is a short film exploring the presentation and manipulation of the self. The characters, masked in the likeness of their own faces and bodies, are fragments of the self, bound by the limits of their own transformation. Actively pursuing a transcendence of the self often has a performative and ritualistic element, and the characters are seen repeatedly simulating each other’s actions in an incessant search for, or an attempt to erase, something unseen. Baths, pools and the sea act as motifs in which the psychology of the characters becomes physicalized. The title posits another physical existence, where the power of the moon over the ocean does not exist, acting as a reflection of the character’s state of entropy.”

I would like to read more of Dairena Ní Chinnéide’s poetry..