‘Asylum of the Birds’

by sarahartonsherkin

This is a great interview with Roger Ballen, a photographer who has spent most of his life in South Africa.

Vogue Trivia

“I’m fascinated with birds. They link the heavens to the earth.”

“I see my photographs as mirrors; reflectors that challenge the mind.”

“If it challenges Roger Ballen, then it’s an inspiration”

“A momentary sense of reality”

“In my 40s and 50s i focused on asking questions and trying to answer those questions through my photography. I’m 64 now and try to take my pictures with a silent mind. I don’t think about the photograph when i’ m taking it”.

“Core instincts…beyond mood.”

“…part of a life process…”

“…make pictures that i find exciting to myself.”

“Black and white is an abstract way of viewing.”

“…obsessed with composition. A square is perfectly balanced.”

“…logic – narrative…dreams…a story going on.”

“…meaning of life is ‘life’…”

“It is what it is.”

“A good picture gets into your mind.”

“A picture has to ‘feel alive'”

“Pictures don’t need music. The music is in the silence.”

“The light comes from the dark.”

I was fortunate to have made it to “Roger Ballen’s Theatre of the Absurd” at the Fotografiska Museum in Stockholm last year.

School room, 2003

Child under chest drawer, 2000